Like-minded Equals

What is like-minded equals mean to you?


What do you think that title means?

If you had to put the title into a sentence what do you think that means?

For me it is a non-judgmental, it is a imperfect however, equally understood, it is a title of many beautiful blended people who like each other for who they really are not what others think they are.

I had thought people get together for love, understanding, like minded ideas, they like each other for who they are deep inside their guarded and never breakable walls which we all create over time.

We want to be heard, loved and adored for everything we stand for we want to be heard and credited (validated) however, we end up hurting deeply inside because we are frustrated and expect so much from ourselves which ends up expecting way too much from those that we call friends… when I say friends those are the friends we have had for many years who are under this title.

The question is during our journey in this life we must be open to remembering what we as decent kind and a little bit twisted… we are not here to preach we have faults and we embrace each others by understanding that we are all the same without judgement.

My suggestion is this.. be-careful that we don’t, slip into that web that means so much and so little or we will end up being those people we so dam well detest and we end up saying exactly what we dont want to say about how we view things in life.

It is like we end up in a puddle of mud all wet, all dirty and very much in need of a good bath all because of what we only know and how we only was taught as children and young adults.

When we play do something that others may not do… we then are so damn hard on ourselves we put ourselves and those that do the same thing down by saying, we shouldn’t do it…

Love, Sex, understanding, a devotion of like and love and a deep alliance of pride and honor can delay our growth and stagnate each person in this limited yet beautiful gifted life we have been honored to have.

We end up turning on each other by being frustrated by being that person that we know we are not like… like-minded equals is simply people who like you just the way you are…

It starts off with liking something from one another then it’s turns into a deep friendship and connection, trust is a huge value that we have the same, our values end up very similar however, very different all because we gravitate to the same ideals of what we all like.

We forget who we each are and what we all bring to the table of life…

We need to respect each others values and respect each other for what we bring to one another and stop being so hard on one and not so on another…

I say this because you limit your own growth, those that struggle they gravitate to you because they see something in you that they admire, like, smile about, know deep down that person will never hinder and harm us because they are the very essence that accepts you for you…

So, my question to you beautiful like-minded souls…. do you think that you limit yourself by saying, too hard, he or she is not up to our level, do you say that I have had enough or is it that your just falling into that same pattern like everyone else is on this planet…

So, what is Like-minded equals mean to you?

Never allow your mind to think that you are always right, that you and another are the only ones that will grow because unfortunately your minds are not inviting another to enter if you think this way…

You cannot grow in a small minded circle it is limited to allowing your mind to explore endless possibilities that is why you invest in people who you know gets you never loose site of that thought… I never do however, sometimes our minds only know what we have been taught.. so lets take that chance, and hope that perhaps our little circle can actually be bigger because a good group of open minded people with their own thoughts, experiences and ideas will bring abundance to your mind and this my friends is growth and wisdom.

Strength is inside those that seek something more… I only know what I only know and I know that those I invest in are strong, wealthy in their wisdom and I would never change them I would compliment them….


“We only know what we only know”

The title is something I use these days more and more to be honest…

Words that we use in our sentences when we speak to each other….

We are not aware of just how cutting some of those words can be to another person…

When we reflect about our past stories of some good, however, the part we tend to tear up on is the bad which is correct in how that sounds…

However, what we must understand and be present in using going forward is “those words that we use will hinder another without even them thinking they are”.

We must remember that we are all hindered by something that hurt us, shamed us, made us feel scared, fear is the worst emotion a human can suffer from… So, before we speak we must learn how to alter our language by understanding ourselves firstly.

Of course your probably thinking what am I trying to say, well, I guess I am saying, be present when speaking to people who you do not know, and if you do and you are aware of their story, then try and use better words that is more caring …


It does take practice however, very much worth it…. we all should learn this…

One day I hope very soon that I can help you learn a new and more caring language when helping or talking to another … it will also help you be a healthier and happier person to you…

Have a beautiful and lovely day.. xx

“We only know what we only know”…. until someone shows you another way of understanding…. then we only use what would be kinder to another… 

Learn’t a lot…

When you wake up and smell the roses… you surely “Wake up”!

So, what do I mean by that… well, many things, somethings don’t really matter anymore and other things dont really matter anymore… go figure!

I have to say “less noise”,  at least that is what seems to be in my head these days… and clarity, honesty well, more than I had in the first place… what else… hmm, calm I seem well, calmer…

Well, today I am calmer tomorrow .. well who knows…

I recommend checking out a bit of “You time”, finding out if you actually is you, and well perhaps, check out if everything you feel, want, say, and mean has much to do with who you are… then perhaps you will go, hmm, “a lot less noise… like me.. ha!

Good days, okay days, brilliant days,  and very little sad days.. just days that goes by a little easier… and now I am back at work 3 days a week helping out my husband’s dad…

Pretty cool, a bit to take in.. looking for easy spread sheets to use for a small business that costs nothing… however, if anyone knows good links send them too me so I can help with a small automotive panel and paint shop that could do with a few easy to use spread sheets for profit and loss… but, apart from that I am back… on this blog…

So, hello, again 🙂

Re-Wire our Brains then what?

We never allow ourselves enough time to appreciate us being worthy of love, happiness and wonderful and possibly endless happy experiences… who would say no to this kind of living?

I would adore being treated with respect love, being told how wonderfully kind and giving I am, I never like self praise I think there are a lot of adults that feel the same… especially if you are a giving person to the world.

To be told something like the above and told that you deserve if after all the hard work you put in… would you really think you did deserve it or would you regect it, perhaps get angry because it seems so unreal and for some sad moment you find out that you have been arguing about loving, and being adored in such a positive manner..

You then start destroying the very real state you have so wanted for yourself for such a long… time..

Makes you really sad when hearing your actually saying you do not believe that you deserve this emotional gift of praise that is exactly what you have just said about yourself and of course you also had to destroy my world because if you cannot have a happy life why the fuck would my subconscious want me to have it..

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So, we destroy it for ourselves then we end the emotional bull shit for the people that protected you and loved you …

That really hurts my soul…

I would like to make a suggestion… along your journey either by yourself or if your lucky enough with your partner, friend make sure you do 1 think for me..

Never, ever, give up on each other because your all or we are all on this path for a really fabby reason.. and I will leave that part unsaid.. because we really have no idea what could be next… and that to me is exciting… don’t you agree…

NEVER GIVE UP okay xxx

Language is important to a child’s growth

This is difficult to write because I just had the most significant realization that has been in the back of my mind but,  my mind was thinking the opposite of what was real.

thank you Courtney for helping me open my mind and eyes, ears and pretty much everything.

Every time I did something and it didn’t matter what it was I would end up getting myself in trouble I would end up feeling less than worthy the end game for me was devastation very rarely it was a great outcome.

We must be very mindful to children, teenagers, young adults and even grown up people because “words and actions”, from a parent, sibling, grandmother, teacher, authority any person that you will hold or think highly or even love… would end up me looking like a fool, idiot, stupid, dumb, not worth all the gold in china and so on…

We must use better language than what we use because they can and will damage those beautiful souls we call family, friends, partners and most of all ourselves…

I just realized many, many terrible moments which I will not go into because they don’t exist anymore and to me that is one hell of a “Great Outcome”, and to say those two words is worth more to me than anything on this earth apart from my partner, son, friends and family.

There is many things to remember when we “open our mouths to anyone”, we should be mindful that what comes out, is always in good intention which means love, compassion, concern,  understanding, empathy, sympathy, we must show a person we love them for who they are and never tell them they are less than what they are worth.

Never use any words that will hinder your child’s growth because it will be remembered

If you ever want to understand just how powerful words are think about it this way, “close your eyes and remember what you did when you where a child or when it first went pair shaped in your life”.

Ask your self this –  Reflect back to that place for a second that your story began and what was it that you felt like…..after!

What age did this begin?

  1. what was the outcome?
  2.  did it repeat?
  3. and who repeated them to you?

Then go a further step and answer this:

  1. What was it that you did?
  2. What was the outcome of what you did?
  3. Who punished you?
  • If you notice the questions very similar and it means the same thing
  • Both may seem the same but mean something different

Now, let’s look at a bigger picture imagine going through your childhood, now I am using this because that is where my story began as a little girl.   I would always try to be good, happy, smiling, however, no matter how hard I tried or whether I was right or wrong in my mind I was going to be the bad little girl that needs to be punished, humiliated and segregated as a person that will amount to nothing but a metal buck and a mop.

Nothing on this earth will shape a child so badly is a mothers tongue, well, for me it was and it was a slow burn because I adored that women and all I ever wanted from her is to say that I was a good girl, pretty, smart, I never felt pretty , smartand for me it never ever happened and that is fine and I grew up to accept that but, I believe it affected my life because if you are told your not good enough guess what occurs, well, you think your never good enough and you will limit your beliefs.

So, here is my suggestion to you if this makes sense to anyone that reads this, remember it is okay to take risks, but, be safe and the outcome will be okay because what is life without a bit of fun.

If you cant live then guess what.. people some don’t because they feel so bad about themselves all because of a silly mistake that meant what, really?

Being blamed or being hit, or being told your not good enough, hard enough, educated enough, pretty, skinny, isn’t something that should be said to children, those words, that moment when a parent tells a child off for doing something listen to your words and make sure your not telling your child something they will think they are not good enough to do or to be.

Because as they grow up they will repeat a pattern over and over they will have the same negative mindset like I did and that was, I will never be able to do something all because I was never good enough and I deserve whatever occurs and that I was a bad child and bad things will always happen to me and I am not pretty enough so when someone says that I am pretty I dont believe them.  

I think we should turn to our children and watch them closely to see what you say to them how do they respond .. then watch them further as that week goes by and if you see a sister/brother say something similar watch her body language and her behavior it will be the same and it will repeat over and over and over until someone stops doing what they did and start doing better.

We have a responsibility to our children and to ourselves that if we punish we never use negative wording or we never put them down over and over because it will hurt them it will kill them and it will make them think they will never be worthy of anything, ever again!

I may end up going over the above because it is difficult to explain this … just remember a small lesson.. listen and watch, listen to your words you use and watch your behavior and your child… if you dont see something that I have said that is correct then you need to read this post again..and again please.

It is important how you speak to each other and it does matter how they respond to you just make sure its kind and make sure your helping someone  … Franny x

Note to Parents:

I would like you to understand this if your unhappy get help do not take it out on the children, teens, young adults, if you love your children then love them enough to make sure you are okay for them.

You both matter Mum and Dad you need to understand your their life their love and their future…get help and do your research before you select a counselor that is the important moment for your future and your children’s, children’s, children s, future. You can fix this all it takes is time, patience and your love…for them to live happier, healthier and most of all longer..



What Love is to me..

To love someone is to give them you completely…
That has always been my motto.. I cannot give without loving…

We can do many things on this earth but, love well that is deeply hidden away because that is your core value of all values..

For me it is…anyway…

Some people can do anything which means they can jump out of an airplane, sky dive into the clouds, dive with sharks, fly to the moon, then you have people who have many children (lucky them) and many partners some can have sex with the whole world and not blink an eye at it..

However, I cannot do anything above like the paragraph above I wont jump from a airplane, why because I am afraid of heights and I have more respect for living, then you have dive with sharks, nope I wont do that either I would end up drowning because I would be scared, many partners, no.

I couldn’t do that because I have self worth and I cherish my heart, sex well, that is my gift to give another, this is where most people or perhaps people who can do this..

The reason I cannot have sex with just anyone is because I cannot have sex with a stranger, one night stand (in my past don’t think that I haven’t however, how do you know what you never knew so you experience it and it becomes the reason we say these things to oneself)  because I have to love them to have sex, that is why I cannot and will not just give my body to anyone

Hense I cannot cheat, I have so much love inside my own self that even I get sick lol

Seriously, though, sex and love are hand in hand I knew that from my young adult life..

I just don’t talk about that little secret of mine I cherish with all my heart and soul…once that heart starts to beat which was in fact a few months ago… because my mind had forgotten why … however, I never ever gave it away to just anyone my entire living life.

Love is my gift to a person and so is my body and soul x


Image result for if i truly love someone

Be kind to yourself first…

These last few months have made me think extremely hard in relation to my mind, body and if my health is at all suffering so, in the next few weeks I will be seeing my Doctor for a Full Service.a0d107ffef16e8a613e44cd02130241d


Well, I am 51 years old at the “crossroads of my life” and frankly there is nothing wrong with doing a self check on ones self from time to time don’t you think!

Now, the fact I am in my fifty’s going forward isn’t going to bring me youth so I have to start looking after myself more to move forward, if I am healthy, what I am doing in my life that could shorten my life span, (smoking, drinking, not enough exercise, eating healthy) if we don’t do this then we are not really caring enough about ourselves and that isn’t a smart thing to do.

We also re-value our entire life which is are we happy going forward with who we are with and are they happy, healthy, eating well, doing enough exercise and of course mental health is extremely important in all our lives so we must look at that as a very on the top of the list concern.

This is what I will be doing from now until the day I die

My Stories – I have decided to lock them back into my past as I go forward in this life

I have been at my cross roads these last few months thinking about my mental issues regarding “stories of the passed” which now in fact I have realized, that the past stories well they can stay in the past as a very distant memory.

So, I am going to say goodbye to my Trauma that anchored me and those thoughts will fade as those years tick by, so this is what I want to say… I have acknowledged you I understand you where “hurt”, and now moving forward “I let you go”!

Because no-one should res erect negative memories because they are heavy and they will bring your mood down and anyone who is with you down as well and that my lovely readers well it isn’t healthy.

My Health – Time to see my Doctor for a full check up

I will be going off to the doctors for a full check up and value my lungs, heart, head, chest, and physical self to make sure there are not any naughtiness that I have due to all the shit I have done to myself.

Of course this also includes eating well healthier and it makes your brain more alert, preventing sickness by eating a healthy diet is very important in extending your life span on this beautiful planet.

Which then brings me to my body and my skin 

Then I will invest in a cycle or perhaps re-join a gym that I am happy with and start getting myself taught and tighter to last through my 60’s to 70’s looking fine and dandy because that is important to me self pride within myself.

So, with me making sure my health is fine and my body is fine then all I have to do is look after my mind so it doesn’t drop a deep dark pit of unhappiness!  So, I will continue over the next few years to complete my studies so I have something to use for myself of course and those that I will be helping in the future.

We all need a hobby and mine will be set up either at home or somewhere I can go a few days a week to help couples have a better life .


To Help another person live a better life has been my life long want and I adore people, I love helping and making their lives happier, to give to those that don’t know how happy they can be the most rewarding gift or tools a person can give to another person.  

And, lastly but, firstly, my love life, myself first because you need to make sure your okay first before you look after those that you love, then my partner, dogs Bella and Cino, family and dear friends that I adore needs they all need a lot of nurturing and not so much because that has always been on the top of my list.

That is all I have to say today apart from this – Never discount you, which is be healthy, happy, love like no tomorrow, be humble, understanding, sympathies when you must,  and most of all smile.




Life is about listening and trusting… Yourself first…

We are only human we can live a life with a open and honest mind moving forward or do we limit our growth because others perhaps want something more from you for them to grow.

You must trust your journey and those your with or you stand up be brave and say  help me understand so I am not left behind because I love you, trust you but, I am afraid to fall behind and my resistance is hurting me.

Never use negative language by putting another person down all because you think your better.. sorry your the same as everyone else.. Ego isn’t attractive, what is attractive is honesty and trusting those that love you and care about you.

We all need to trust ourselves better and share our knowledge with those that want your time, love and that respect your journey because at the end of the day we are the same.

Grow and take that chance because it is that simple … its the path that we are all going on.. well those that have a bit of sassipants like me 🙂

People will surprise you by being brave by respecting you.. two way street it goes both ways remember that….never ever think that the top of the mountain has your name on it… it’s just that .. top of a silly mountain that has its own name on it..

Not yours…


I am fighting to be ME again… And I Am fighting so damn hard to be US!!!

Like we did 2 years ago…

Help me come back I can’t do this by myself!

I need us again don’t you?

I cant do this alone and I refuse to do this without us okay, so let the noise go because that is what I am trying to do!!!

I was watching a Movie called The Vow, it’s about a girl who tragically looses her first family she survives but loses her baby and husband.

Then she meets her like-minded earth partner and her life is hit by tragedy again however, the trauma was so severe she lost her memory about how uniquely wired and open and honest this partnership was.

Both more him battle together and him more he tries to re-ignite however, he feels that he is loosing her and the more he tries the more his emotions start to crack apart and he starts to crumble into pieces, which was the polar opposite of who he was originally.

So, what occurred is she was pulling away from him and both where pulling away but the kinetic powers funny enough started pulling them back together again.

Life can be harsh, it can be cruel, it will pull at your heart strings because true emotions is deeply rooted in your souls, and trust me that kind of pure openness is extremely real, powerful, open, loving, its the most bravest, most uniquely transferred by our auras that connect so majestically as one I must admit I truly have not ever experienced anything so beautiful as I have with us.

Many months passed with each of them started being real within themselves again, she went back to sculpting he did what he normally does until one night…

She felt drawn to moving back closer to her husband because even though her memory never returned they still managed to be drawn back to one another.

I will always believe there are those beautiful souls that emerge together uniting in a beautiful mess , however, amazing uniqueness that even they could not for their lives ever deny themselves of such amazing moments they have ever had.

Well to me I have to say honestly, its been a roller coaster seesaw of many wild and bumpy awesome moments that even I cannot erase them nor do I want too EVER!

They are real, they are hot, they are fucking the best bloody mind blowing, moments that even I would never wants to ever give up.

Would you?

I am trying to gain strength inside me I have been trying to go back or at least regain myself to what works for us!!

I can see you changing I have seen your pain over and over, you cant see it like I do..

I can feel your energy fall apart, i can see your fretting however, you cannot?!

I understand that I cannot mask it from you I am not trying to hurt you, make you weak, all I am trying to do is catch you when you do fall.

But, your not allowing me to do ANYTHING your thinking that I am judging you, your thinking I am hurting you, your thinking I am teasing , abusing you ?

Well, I am!!


Simply because, your Armour is like concrete to me and I see that in your eyes when you shut me out.

If I hurt you, well I am sorry but you have hurt me and your good at it!


WE ARE NOT DESIGNED for people to use words to hurt each other… it hurts, it really cuts deeply, its soul destroying and WE ALL NEED TO STOP justifying us to us!!!

We are better together forever without the noise!


Missing something are we?

Sometimes I wish I was  invisible because then I can see and hear what others do so I can learn to be a better person

1600982_10152630117489483_3116908260083274521_n (2)

To do something that you have never done before…

Imagine your on a journey however, remove all the labels, marriage, comfortably.. what have you got?

If you had to share your life with another that you never knew was in the story would you?

For me I have to say I would probably try it … It is funny that I would say that I am a sharer if the person is a good person… it is funny when you live a long life within a relationship sometimes that relationship needs others to give it a bit of something.

Or perhaps I am differ cult to be with who know….I do know that I am…

Image result for I have never been easy for anyone ever

This all depends on how many is on this journey….? right..

This also depends on the ability to remove your own self and be able to naturally normal however, who wants to be normal or should I say “I am certainly not normal”.

I am a natural pain in the A$$

You see this is how I look at life.. you’re doing something that you think you are in control…but, really how are you in control ?

How long does this last for?

Are you invested?

Or are you that kind of person that only puts in what they think that they can handle?

How do you measure that emotion?

Cracks to me are… many things.. cocky behavior, brothers in arms hand in  hand (suddenly I have this image of two men in tights skipping down the yellow brick pavement of loopy mess) snap out of it…… or is it a solo one way ticket to Mars…. because frankly, mine has been likes this from the very beginning … which you could say was a while ago…

When a person is so relaxed doesn’t think about their needs they could be disconnected and very busy so they don’t think……

Or they get run down and sick which isn’t the result however, could be..

Just an interesting thought… how much would you gauge in a journey with yourself, others?

What is your thoughts of how you would manage your journey..?

So, how much does a person invest into a possible risk…. I am using this word….. for many reasons….

My answer to this is EVERYTHING….. I go in from the very beginning str8 into the deep end…. and the funny thing is .. I seem to be still keeping my head just above the water…..figure of speech…… keeping that I am a women…

What if you are a man .. ?

Zombie time warp…. have a watch…. seems fitting..

IF you can paint me a picture of this journey, then what good are you? or Perhaps, it is as simple or as they say difficult as you want it to be, right?

Love is a Bitch……..go figure!

Loving me is like loving a wild animal and at times not in a good way!!
I was once a very long time ago.. Naturally pleasing however, like I said, that was a very long time ago and since then well, you know the rest!

I am me like me or hate me… I created the beast that you see from time to time..however, you will only see her come out when she hears words that could possibly hinder her so be mindful of her because sometimes her day at home is very long, very isolated, very boring and very lonely.

I tend to shamble when hubby comes home.. and this happened or nothing happened.. most days I am fine.. however, I cannot take sarcastic toning of comedy that makes no sense but, seems to be built on annoyance by my husband who at the moment cannot stand the sight of me..

We are both very similar both are sensitive he hears me be sarcastic and I hear him but, he goes deaf when I mention his wording was a bit sharp!!

Sorry honey, but, both are as bad as each other regardless of what you said!

We always do this and always say the same thing be kinder, pat ourselves on the back.. however, for some reason we both end up in the shitter and apparently I worse than him?


I could back down however, I can’t I get myself in a tizz like he does and we end up both going both ways within the vicinity of 450 square meters of this homestead!

I am trying and so is he… we are pretty good… these days.. I do believe he needs friends more than me… and he will say the same thing about me..

Still love you I am not sorry though 🙂