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Mar 18, 2019 – Your spirits are high today, and you could enjoy a nice day just puttering around the house and making sure that all is well in your little world. It is likely that family will be high on your mind today as you tend to all of these details. You are due and ready for a change, and the Moon in Leo is in your house of foundations and is more than ready to help you usher that in. This could be the end of some cycles for you as you put the last finishing touches on a key project at home, and these cycles coming to a close will plant some new beginnings for you under this passionate and exotic moon in Leo. We are just a day away from a Full Moon period, so focus on finishing things more than anything else today. What home matters are you dealing with today?



Mar 18, 2019 – You could be feeling a little hot under the collar today, Taurus, but not exactly in the most exciting way you can imagine.

The intuitive moon is moving through expressive Leo and your foundational 4th House of home and family, so you’re prone to being a little more emotional and a little more sensitive than normal right now.

This is normally fine after all emotions aren’t a bad thing, but there’s one alignment happening first thing today which might make said emotions a little more difficult to handle than you’d prefer.

The moon will form a tough square of aggressive Mars, currently parked in YOUR sign, right as the morning kicks off, so perhaps someone rubs you the wrong way or perhaps YOU run someone else the wrong way and it leads to a very unpleasant Monday.

Fortunately, this transit only lasts a couple hours but do be careful; you don’t want to scare someone off permanently just because you saw red for a couple minutes.



Drug Addiction

It’s worth a watch – this is everywhere and it is within our families, friends, brothers, and sisters.

Sometimes a moment to remove pain can, however, become a lifetime of another pain, any type of addiction is just that addiction isn’t the answer living life is the answer.

Get help it is only a phone call away or turning to a friend that can and will help you if you can’t find those people then call




The Ultimate submission is to be you…

According to me…

Husband, Dom, Friend, Master, Submissive me…

So, this is my take on what I believe would be the Ulitmate of Submission and Dominance, is having a Master and a Dom very different very hot and very much the taboo of all BDSM lifestyle living.

It is very strange to come to that conclusion or even put that in words to even think that could be even possible.. which I know in most cases in this lifestyle anything is possible.

However, for me, that seems so far-fetched and even too hot for even me to think that is something that I could consider..   However if you met me even the devil himself would have problems fitting me into satan’s den… however, that may be a little extreme for me even to say..

I am starting to remember who I was a long time ago back when things seemed simpler however, these days are more intense to say the least the feeling, meaning, and everything else that seems to be thrown into a box of tricks and very clear to me what this is all about…

Time wake up and be the person that I am destined to be…. if not them then that would be a shame… however, I have no doubt that I am what I am… and I adore everything about it and of course those that are around me as well..

No doubt… at all…

For the future of what will be… let it be what it will be…

The Rebellious Submissive..



Trust your journey, it isn’t made up of nothing it is however, made up of Love

The most talked about the fascination of today is men’s health and men’s sexual needs and also men’s hidden kinks that they would find it difficult to express to their partners and maybe mates.

Image result for get rid of the negative and live only with a positive view

And, frankly, I don’t blame them at all…

Curiosity is a natural emotion or curiosity to feel but, men do seem to be stuck in such a judgemental box that how can they ever try something without doing it sneekly on the side and I also believe this is a risk to be publically humiliated by those that like to make people feel less or perhaps those that are limited with stories of negative past experiences and label others by outing men when they should never be outed in the first place.

I believe if a woman is curious about her sexuality then of course why not the male in all fairness we are human beings with many questions and some questions well, they do require to be experienced in a safe and trusting environment.

However, I find that society today is very “extreme” where I tend to be very careful about what I say, who I say things too and many other things that we should easily be able to do but, lack that emotional maturity that at a certain age should be embedded in our souls without any form of ridicule toward another person.

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So how do we do this and how do we make it safe for others?

Jesus, I guess the best way is to educate these reasons on how it may affect those that have been segregated to abusive harm due to their choices in life.

Men love sex and so do women, however, men and women are very, different and have many different ideas on how sex looks to them.    This about men for a moment they are very visual most do not dwell on the future of what things look like, then never hold onto too many negative thoughts about sex, to them it is a world full of choices and places, and many opportunities with many different flavours and to me that are actually a very wise outlook and I believe women should learn how to understand our dear men and be a little mindful of the way they deal with sex and how they think.

I find it very interesting easy actually and us ladies should sit up pay attention and learn a little about them, of course not everything you will like but, their attitude is quite easy to follow without too much fuss.

However, that is about sex and not about their hidden desires of what if’s that is another story and most never speak not even about possibilities because frankly they will be labelled and they will be humiliated by other mates or partners which to me is quite cruel and damaging to any personal character.

For me, I have a very vivid and appeasing nature and I have this for my own experiences in my life and I really don’t speak about them because even I have felt silly, embarrassed and also I found that my fellow sisters tend to be the most damaging of them all.

Image result for get rid of the negative and live only with a positive view

Insecurity has a huge impact within women and to be perfectly honest I find it very unnecessary to be insecure about another person if you find yourself doing this ask yourself what is it that makes you feel this way?

I hate feeling this emotion because it will limit your growth and slow that process down so much it can potentially result in a life not really fulfilled and that to me is a waste of a gift.

So, what did I do?

I make sure that I never try and make my mind go there mostly I succeed however, with toxic negative people it can bring me to a halt and test my inner soul by their beliefs of persistently making you feel either guilty for accepting a new behaviour or some people actually bring you down so it takes longer for you to get back up to that positive path that is so lovely and free.

Many people live and breath a negative emotion due to not allowing themselves to trust, not allowing themselves to let their own shit go… and for them some won’t ever live to a higher level of understanding.  For you in there presents well you do have to draw that line by either saying to them STOP, or removing them completely because if they cannot shift they will definitely shift you to a place that will not be healthy for a mind that likes to trust it is very toxic and can potentially draw your soul down to their way of thinking.


For me, this happened to me and it made me feel so damn confused it put doubt in my own self and nearly damaged my marriage which isn’t cool!
My own experiences in life currently without that negative controlling energy in my space is gone and I wont be bringing that back because it was severely doing damage in my own sanity and distorting many areas of my beliefs and my husbands and that was not so easy to acknowledge because both of us are caring individuals and both of us didn’t see this until we saw things and heard things that seemed quite out of line and not truly accurate.

So, our ears became more alert and our minds picked up a few fuckups in conversations, in body language and also in this person manner nothing was shifting this person mindset and it was definitely hurting our own growth so we then both let this person go.

It is a very harsh thing to do make a decision and stick to it..but sometimes you cannot help everyone if yours still trying to help yourselves and yourselves are more important to another person that only is there for their own needs and you must be honest and brutal because if you both want to grow as a couple you cannot do this with a person that isn’t helpful to themselves or us as a couple.

Recognise signs of trauma and toxic understanding because if you think it won’t affect your own self and your marriage or partner then think again with a better mindset because it will and it does.


An opinion of a subject is a powerful sentence if repeated with the same language and this can be positive and negative make sure your able to see and hear what both emotions are or you will be affected and you both will have a slow and harder understanding together as you move forward.

Imagine your excited open, honest, and have a very brave understanding and trust within yourself and your like-minded partner then that negative emotional drawing down to a slow-paced halt of depressing refusal of moving forward what do you think it will do to your desires, love life, your curiosity and most of all how damaging do you think it would be if you have suffered trauma in your past?

This low feeling of listening to a person like this over and over will make you want to cry, you will definitely start doubting your own abilities not to mention your partners this will lead you both to arguing, not feeling the trust the many years of communication and love and eventually if it continued well, divorce, and worst of all suicide would be the worst case scenario…

PTSD, isn’t a joke and with a positive and trusting environment it can help but, in a negative one it will hurt you and it could kill you.. not something I would joke about because frankly when you have seen it… tell it to leave and do it swiftly!

Once gone both can be calmer, more relaxed and those once felt feelings will return in a much more better frame and understanding of what you experienced so remember to recognise this in moving forward to avoid it to re-occur again.. life is short live, learn, love and grow

And most of all use your curiosity and trust your journey and your positive choices..because everything happens for a reason with a better mindset and healthier living by being aware signs and go with that and grow…

Have the time of your lives.. and always be respectful to one another because that got you here and you’re doing okay with those you love and respect.

Then you can do whatever your hearts desires just always remember what can hinder it … and have fun you naughty curious beautiful like-minded kinksters…

OMG… so much fun…when you have others to make you smile..well, not yet but, maybe when you actually do it..lol


To the person who hacked my wordpress

Thank you for you wise words.

To adjust a persons words is a little sad, immature, a moment for you little girl/boy I cannot tell by your picture.

Becareful, people are people words are powerful, to hinder, hurt, lame those you have no idea what path they came from.

PTSD, TRAUMA, will effect people in many ways my voice and my so called sarcastic tone no excuses will also hinder others which I am trying to mend.

It is a long road for me I am affraid.

I try everyday and it is difficult to say the least when I feel like this I find myself doubting others, self doubt, reliving myhorrid past, I find myself isolated, alone and with the only thing I know is that my voice is still loud, crued, revolting and severe that I can still voice it.

And I have mental illness which I am trying extremely hard to deal with without medication.

So with that I say this:

And thank you for adjusting many of my posts.

Thank you for destroying our marriage close however, not just yet, Poor bugger.

Thank you, however I would rather not thank you.

  1. In relation to Counseling Diploma I withdraw
  2. In relation to my blog I withdraw
  3. In relation to growth, honesty, passion, communication, trust, I withdraw

I would like to thank those who took the time in why you did this “I withdraw “.

I tried, failed, and to be honest I have nothing left to give.

So thank you for being kind, patient, honest, brutal, cruel.

Comments on posts is what people normally use but, again fuck you

Dirty Mind… Heaven Forbid!

Not sure why people freak about sexuality is exciting, fun, leads you to places that you never thought possible, and why the hell is not!

Stepford isn’t my thing!
Never was… those that really know me… will probably go … yup sure isn’t and she has always been the same from the day she was born…

Just didnt tell everyone…. Go figure.. Some things I like to keep to myself… however, not anymore…

Now things are out in the open… no ones going to be safe….

Sexual Emotional Understanding…

I believe in many levels of this title a sexual experience is a personal choice and should never be discounted for any of those that share an experience.

Listen to the music oldie but, one hell of a damn goodie.. let me tell you xxx

I have this belief and I have a very close idea of how I see my own self in this experience with anyone if I do not receive that respect then it isn’t cool and it isn’t right for any person having any type of growth in understanding themselves or the respect for those that you select in your life especially your private sexual life.


Everything happens for a reason and don’t ever think for one moment that it won’t come back and bite you if you do not put these rules in place for your own self and this will be seen by those that you share an emotional and sexual experience.

Memories of being young and feeling foolish appears so easily and a little horrific when you don’t put your own rules in place for your own self because it doesn’t matter how old you are in life if you have no respect for your own needs then how the hell are people who you have a sexual relationship with would value you as a person.

However, as you get older and wiser, you must also understand that men and women do think and feel differently I am aware of each persons behaviour and also you need to be also aware of each persons understanding and experience in ones life.
We are all a working progress there is an area of “knowing and understanding” are very different so be respectful to those that do not understand this could be because of their lifestyle or limited belief of what could potentially be or perhaps a trauma that occurred in their life as well no difference between a male or a female..
So is there area of error and forgiveness , of course there is.. as long as you understand and grow from what you didnt understand however, can move to believe and grow in a better understanding of yourself and those that you share your experiences and lives with…
No one is perfect so we should never judge each other on simply what we didnt know…

It’s a two way high way, not a one-way space station!

You can meet people in life and like them and then you can meet people and experience intense moments of pleasure but, be damn sure I don’t want to experience any sexual experience with someone that isn’t mature to understand my values..


If I was in a place that my partner decided to make a decision for me without my knowledge be damn sure I will say something whether right, wrong or whatever… all this means is have the decency to communicate your wants, needs, desires and kinks to that person your loving in life because if you don’t the value will devalue and the love and trust you had once will disappear and unfortunately it will never return.

Like I said, make sure you communicate clearly your desires it isn’t scary to do it is, however, the best way to identify if you have chosen correctly and if you haven’t well, then you need to make a decision to leave.

No one in life is Free of this excuse I am afraid no one is… so make sure you say what you desire even if it sounds stupid, foolish, silly or a little bit naughty!

I do, I get told off all the time.. but, at least I am honest!!

And, I never feel bad about what I say I, in fact, find it refreshing and empowering!

The only time I ever get upset and tired of things is I find sometimes people can make many moments more difficult than it really should be.. and if it is then making sure you understand that difficult isn’t a bad thing it means you care deeply about what you do and who you do it with..

That my friends is called love….

You see if you trust yourself… because if you do… then your experience could be an amazing moment or moments of more amazing experiences…

And that is called Growth!

The more you believe in yourself the more your value is credible and the more your inner sexual being becomes fully alert of who you really are, that is how I see what could be within a sexual private moment or moments.

And that is called Trust…

There is also another thing to remember … there is nothing wrong with fucking like animals as long as you all are on the same page and not on separate books because that isn’t communication, that is a disaster ready to happen!
Life is about learning and understanding and forgiving and listening and growing and saying how you really feel without feeling shameful, without feeling like your the twisted little sister (me) lol and it can lead to silence because what is the worst you really could say to that sister that seems to say it anyway!
Just saying, life isn’t difficult it only means trust who you really trust and go with what you know now.. and grow and understand with an open heart because we are all fragile especially now as we get older we want so much more…
than some fuck with someone that you just met right?

And will never see again, to me that isn’t growing that is just sex!
For me, sex and understanding is a level that is higher than ones who said, “yeah, last week I fucked this chick, right, and yeah she had big tits.. boring!!! However, if you firmly believe that is what turns you on.. well believe it then, however, your vocabilary may improve when you learn something much more hotter than some fucking of some chick you can’t recall her name but, you can recall her tits…really??? wow!
Life, love, and a sexual comfortability is trusting yourself and pushing your present understanding but, with a level head and not a stupid once off a speck of nothing.
However, each to their own.. for me I am a little wired differently and I know what I would like in a superb display of revolting animal sex in the privacy of those that I am truly comfortable with and trust with my entire worth!
I only know what I know…. but, what a future it would be… oh my gosh… my imagination is desturbingly awesome…….YES!!!